ch16 Example of the man of God

This tract explains why we are to exactly look at or mark the spiritual example of our spiritual leaders.

doct25 Jesus is our Moral Pattern

In this tract we examine how we are to imitate Jesus Christ, our moral pattern.

fam03 Biblical principles for a solid marriage

A tract on how to form a family according the Bible.

pc01 Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

In this tract we expose Halloween (and Day of the Dead) as Catholic conventions intented to bring people into the Catholic traditions, customs, and finallly beliefs. There is no reason why any Christian should celebrate this pagan holiday based on witchcraft, demonism, and other satanic roots which Catholicism has incorporated into its structure.

PC50 Narcissism versus Love

This tract explains how our world is very much like that described in the Bible as the last days. Narcissism is love of one’s self 2Tim 3:2-4

ch31 3Bs of success: buildings, bodies, and bucks

In this tract I examine (and denounce) the modern Christianity’s goals of success: Buildings, Bodies, and Bucks. These are the signs of success for the modern ministry, and nobody will deny you success in God’s work if you have these. But these are not God’s marks of success by any extent.

ch27 Tithe Is it biblical to tithe?

This tract explains why tithing or regularly weekly giving is still obligatory in the New Testament.

ch23 Paying the Pastor

A tract about the obligation to pay a just wage to the minister of God.

fam31 “Pastor, I am going to get a divorce”

This tract was made in response to people in our church that came to me with this phrase, “Pastor, I’m getting a divorce”. There was no real counseling, just and advising of their pastor of what they already decided that they were going to do. They never stopped to think if it was God’s will or not, nor did they seriously consider and follow other solutions to their marital problems, so in this tract I review reasons why a Christian should not get a divorce, even if they won’t listen to me.

fam14 Fathers that Please God

This tract examines what makes up a father that pleases God.

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