pc01 Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?

In this tract we expose Halloween (and Day of the Dead) as Catholic conventions intented to bring people into the Catholic traditions, customs, and finallly beliefs. There is no reason why any Christian should celebrate this pagan holiday based on witchcraft, demonism, and other satanic roots which Catholicism has incorporated into its structure.

doct02 Trinity: 1 God in 3 Persons

This is a tract on the Trinity, defining it in the light of the Bible’s Teaching.

ec01 Darwinism

A tract showing the fallacies of Darwin’s theories.

salv31 How to tell if you are dead! (spiritual life)

What marks the difference?
Alive in the sembrance of Christ
Spiritual Fruit
Stench of Death
Humility versus Pride
Subject to the Commandments of God
Love their brethren in Christ
The Controled Tongue
Enemy with the World
Follow the good, not the bad

PC34 Divine use of Sickness

This tract about the divine use of sickness explains how God works with sickness to remind man of his limited time on earth, the consequences of sin, etc.

fam16 Christmas: Is it for Christians?

In this tract I examine the pagan roots of Christmas, and what is a reasonable Christian view towards Christmas.

fam02 Seeking a Christian mate

A tract on how to find a Christian mate

pent08 Benny Hinn: false prophet

In this tract we expose the false prophet, Benny Hinn. We examine his heresies and false teachings, and briefly go through some of his errorenous doctrines and teachings. We cite what he says, and Bible verses that reveal the truth and his lies.

Tract Shepherd versus Cowboys

ch51 Cowboys versus Shepherds

This tracts defines the difference in leadership styles, the good and the bad, within the work of God.
Topics are The Difference is in the Leaderhsip Style, The Motive: Love of God, or Love of One’s Self, How to Move and Motive Animals, How to Relate to Sheep, –Cowboy – Indifference, –Shepherd – Love, The Difference is also in the Nature of the Animals, Sheep are loyal to their Pastor, and Messenger Worship.

pent05 Is it correct for women preach, teach, or lead?

This tract explains why and where the Bible prohibits women from teaching, preaching, or leading when men are present.

Finding a Good Church

ch14 Finding a good church

Helpful Bible principles for deciding on which church is a good church.

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Common Law Marriagess

Tract: Fam12 Common Law Marriages: A tract explaining why it is better to formally marry than just live together. In this tract we explore what God has to say about "just living together" without the formal marriage relationship. Whether you have sex living apart, or live together having sexual relations, this is more or less the same.

What is the example for us?
Adultery is sin
Common Law Marriage
Marriage is until death do us part
Divorce in the Bible
The Formality of a Wedding
The Problem of common law marriage
How do we fix common law marriage?
The point of having a formal wedding is to publicly and formally recognize the relationship between the two people, and this includes before both sides of the family, friends, co-workers, This is a formal «vow» or serious promise and relationship between the two people. By means of a formal wedding, the people involved are making their relationship and committment serious before all and between the two. What a common law marriage without any public or religious recognition is, is to make fun of God, the divine institution of marriage, and seriousness that God has placed on «living together as man and wife.
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