cat05 Why we don’t use images in worship

This tract explains why the Bible prohibits the use of images in worship.

The Church is built on foundation of Evangelism

ch50 The Church is Built upon the Foundation of Evangelism

In this tract, we examine how the church is built on the foundation of evangelism.


PC08 Self-Esteem

We are wicked
Our High Value before God
We are Nothing
What do you get by being humble?
The Biblical Order of Importance
Command to Deny and not exalt yourself.

doct03 Do Heaven & Hell really exist?

This tract explains the importance of both heaven and hell, and the biblical evidence that they really exist.

pc07 Fasting: Fixing your Life with God

In this tract we explore what the Bible has to say about fasting. Fasting is a spiritual activity that God has placed in our disposition for drawing near to God, resolving problems in our life, as well as finding God’s will in matters of confusion, sin, or direction. We can gain spiritual knowledge of God’s will through prayer and dedicating time to talking with God, which is the whole purpose of fasting.

doct07 The Athanasius Creed

A tract on the Trinity.

ch21 Will a man rob God? tithes

In this tract by Pastor-Missionary David Cox, I explain why every believer should honor God with his tithes and offerings.

ch24 The power of an example

In this tract I examine the power of spiritual examples, both good examples for good influences, and evil examples for bad influences. This principle is a spiritual principle in the Bible, by which God affects his children through men of God. Likewise I look briefly at the power of evil examples on others, to trip them up into sin. We touch on Pastors and leaders in the local church, as well as parents’ influence on their children.

salv04 Major points in water baptism

A tract that treats all the major points in water baptism for the baptismal candidate.

cat03 Spiritualism

Spiritualism: God does not speak through spirits or through dead people. By David Cox [C03] v1… Read More »

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Great Treasuries!

Common Law Marriagess

Tract: Fam12 Common Law Marriages: A tract explaining why it is better to formally marry than just live together. In this tract we explore what God has to say about "just living together" without the formal marriage relationship. Whether you have sex living apart, or live together having sexual relations, this is more or less the same.

What is the example for us?
Adultery is sin
Common Law Marriage
Marriage is until death do us part
Divorce in the Bible
The Formality of a Wedding
The Problem of common law marriage
How do we fix common law marriage?
The point of having a formal wedding is to publicly and formally recognize the relationship between the two people, and this includes before both sides of the family, friends, co-workers, This is a formal «vow» or serious promise and relationship between the two people. By means of a formal wedding, the people involved are making their relationship and committment serious before all and between the two. What a common law marriage without any public or religious recognition is, is to make fun of God, the divine institution of marriage, and seriousness that God has placed on «living together as man and wife.
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