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pent08 Benny Hinn: false prophet

In this tract we expose the false prophet, Benny Hinn. We examine his heresies and false teachings, and briefly go through some of his errorenous doctrines and teachings. We cite what he says, and Bible verses that reveal the truth and his lies.

pent05 Is it correct for women preach, teach, or lead?

This tract explains why and where the Bible prohibits women from teaching, preaching, or leading when men are present.

pent04 Modern tongues speaking

In this tract we discern and distinguish between the Bible’s teaching on tongues, a ceased gift, and the modern experience of speaking in estactic tongues. We examine Paul’s exhortations and cautions to the Corinthian church. Modern tongues is a demonic experience that no true Christian should be associated with in any way except in denouncing it.

pent02 Spiritual Baptism: baptism in the Holy Spirit

In this tract we outline the Bible’s teaching on the true Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is not a tongues speaking experience, but an initial saturation by the Holy Spirit whereby the person begins a dedication to holiness, the principle characteristic of the Holy Spirit.

pent01 Why I am not Pentecostal

In this tract outline the broad problems I see in the Pentecostal movement

pent09 Why we don’t use cell groups

In this tract, we explain the problems of David Cho’s church growth methodology of using Cell Groups.

pent03 Kundalini and Tongues

In this tract we expose the satanic practice of kundalini, which is the actual modern speaking in estactic tongues. This practice has been around for more than 2000 years among the Hindu gurus, and it is the power of the serpent that takes over your body in a spiritual experience whereby this satanic energy is released by speaking in tongues.