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doct03 Do Heaven & Hell really exist?

This tract explains the importance of both heaven and hell, and the biblical evidence that they really exist.

doct07 The Athanasius Creed

A tract on the Trinity.

doct02 Trinity: 1 God in 3 Persons

This is a tract on the Trinity, defining it in the light of the Bible’s Teaching.

doct25 Jesus is our Moral Pattern

In this tract we examine how we are to imitate Jesus Christ, our moral pattern.

Doct28 What will heaven be like?

What will heaven be like? heaven [doct28] By David Cox v1 © 2011 You… Read More »

Doct34 Does God exist?

A study on the age old question.

doct01 Fundamentals of Christian Faith

This tract deals with identifying the fundamentals of the Christian faith. These essential doctrines are things which we cannot move or budge on.

doct04 Hell & Heaven, Hades, & Paradise

Hell and Heaven with studies on Hades, Paradise, Heaven and the Pit [d04] v1 ©2005… Read More »

doct10 Theodicy: Problem of existence of evil

A tract on why bad things happen to the children of God.

doct16 Satan our Enemy

In this tract we examine our enemy Satan, and identify and comment on various aspects of his ability and character.