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These are my tracts on the Pastoral Counseling. These are issues that I, as a pastor, have come across in my ministry. I have had to go through these issues with my people and others, and as such have put them into a tract format so that it is easier for people to get and study.

pc01 Should a Christian celebrate Halloween – Should Christians participate in the devil’s day?
pc06 Suicide: A solution or something worse? – Straight talk on suicide.
pc07 Fasting: Fixing your life with God – The whys and wherefores of fasting.
pc15 How to fight against depression – A biblical view of depression and a spiritual answer to fighting it.
pc10 Sexual Purity – Why and how sexual purity is biblical.
pc16 Why Christians shouldn’t use drugs? – Why drugs are wrong and sinful.
pc46 The Sins of Facebook – A look at social media and the Christian.
pc30 Discerning the will of God – A study on how to discern God’s will.
pc50 Narcissism versus Love – Explaining the end times sign, “men shall be lovers of themselves”


Tracts Waiting to be Translated from Spanish

PC02 – The Problems of Alcoholics Anonymous
PC03 – Alcohol and the Christian
PC04 – BarKeep: For Christians who sell booze
PC05 – Resisting Pornography
PC08 – Self-Esteem
PC09 – Homosexuality
PC11 – “My Baby Died!”
PC12 – The Emos

PC13 – Regression Therapy

PC14 – Christian Criteria for Music
PC17 – Cussing and Vulgarities
PC18 – Embittering the Life
PC19 – Abandoning Alcohol
PC20 – Praying Men: How should we Pray?
PC21 – God only hears the Contrite
PC22 – “Pastor, I am going to get a Divorce” – Moved to FAMILY 31.
PC23 – Forgiving as we are forgiven
PC24 – Getting all your Requests before God
PC25 – Should we dance?
PC26 – Is it correct to Judge the actions and doctrine of others?
PC27 – Sexual Confusion
PC28 – Under the Tirany of Time
PC29 – Don’t be a Gossip (Tale-bearer)
PC31 – Should a Christian celebrate Days?
PC32 – Thoughts for the Christian facing death
PC33 – Addictions that dominate the Life
PC34 – The Divine use of Infirmity
PC35 – Getting God to notice you
PC36 – Abominable Prayers
PC37 – What is Pray?
PC38 – Is Rap music Christian? No!
PC39 – Rock and Roll Music
PC40 – Dance in Worship Services
PC41 – Drugs and the Bible
PC42 – Don’t be a Pharisee
PC43 – The Tongue is a world of Evil
PC44 – Suffering Affliction as a Child of God
PC45 – The Christian Facing Eternity
PC47 – The Peace of God
PC48 – The Sins of the Rich
PC49 – Don’t Compete with your Brother

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