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Church Issue Tracts

Church Issue Tracts
By David Cox

church issue tractsThese are my tracts on various topics dealing with the Church. They deal with various church issues, and are directed more at believers than unbelievers.

Ch09 Our “One another” Relationship
Ch11 True Praise
ch13 Why we are Independent
ch14 Finding a good church
Ch15 Congregating because we Love
ch16 Example of the man of God
ch18 Supporting your Pastor
ch19 Marks of a False Prophet
ch20 Why we call ourselves “Baptists”
ch21 Will a man rob God?
ch22 Pastorless Flocks
ch23 Paying the Pastor
ch24 The power of an example
ch26 “Don’t touch the anointed of God”
ch27 Is it biblical to tithe?
ch28 Difference between a sheep and a goat?
ch30 Man of God must not be contentious.
ch31 3Bs of success: buildings, bodies, and bucks
ch32 How to pray for missionaries
ch38 Recognizing a good pastor
ch39 What should we preach? sermon topics
ch41 The marks of a bad minister
ch42 Destitution of Pastor
ch43 Time to leave your church?
ch44 Why we don’t charge for Ministering
ch45 Grading a Bible Teacher
ch49 The Biblical Pastor: The Biblical Duty
ch51 Cowboys versus Shepherds

More to come…

Tracts to be Translated yet…

Ch01 Meditations for Communion #1: Love
Ch02 Meditations for Communion #2.
Ch03 Meditations for Communion #3
Ch04 The Lord’s Supper
Ch10 Gifts and the Church
Ch12 Worship: The Principle Obligation for the Son of God
Ch16 The Example of the Man of God
Ch17 Why attend Church?
Ch25 What day should we congregate?
Ch29 The Marks of a Christian according to 1st John
Ch33 How to Conduct yourself in the House of God
Ch34 Brethren should not fight
Ch35 Bad Pastor? Or Disobedient Sheep?
Ch36 Biblical Deacons: The Service Culture
Ch37 The Requirements for Deacons
Ch40 Christians without Love: Difficult Brethren
Ch46 Why do we Witness?
Ch47 The Christian and his Money
Ch48 The Hymns, Psalms, and Songs
Ch50 The Church is built on Evangelism
Ch53 The Membership of the Church
Ch54 Teamwork
Ch55 Who Gives the Orders in a Local Church?
Ch56 Gifts in 1Corintians 12 and 14
Ch57 Tithing: Scraps or Sacrifice?
Ch58 Why giving should be Anonymous?
Ch59 The Curse of God on the Stingy
Ch60 The Profile of a Man of God

These issues are things which would be of interest and importance to people who are good Christians, living and working in a local church. The local church is a very important bonding point with the body of Christ. We relate to Christ through his body. Unfortunately, many Christians despise the church, and very rarely attend, much less integrate themselves into the local church. They do not realize how this attitude and conduct destroys their spiritual life and shackles them to not being able to get the spiritual edification that they need in order to become a mature Christian.

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