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salv04 Major points in water baptism

A tract that treats all the major points in water baptism for the baptismal candidate.

Spiritual Life versus spiritual death

salv31 How to tell if you are dead! (spiritual life)

What marks the difference?
Alive in the sembrance of Christ
Spiritual Fruit
Stench of Death
Humility versus Pride
Subject to the Commandments of God
Love their brethren in Christ
The Controled Tongue
Enemy with the World
Follow the good, not the bad

salv21 There is no Salvation without Love

This tract explains how love is integral in salvation, to the degree that if you do not love, God says you don’t even know God, much less are you saved.

salv11 Valuing your Salvation

Valuing your Salvation Highly Esteeming your Salvation. By David Cox [Salv11] v1 ©2009 You may freely… Read More »

salv08 Your Testimony: Impacting Others

This tract explains what the Bible says about our impact on the world around us.
Our Confession of Christ
Christian = being the example of Christ
The Sacrifice to Death
The Integrity of Moral Character
Faithfulness in all
The Secret of a Good Testimony

salv31 Easy-Believism

In this tract we examine the evangelist plan of easy-believism, wherein the evangelist reduces the gospel to nothing but a simple profession of faith, and the person is saved.

salv02 Now that you have Believed

This tract outlines some very importance considerations that a new believer in Christian should greatly pursue.

salv01 Plan of God for the salvation of your soul

A tract explaining salvation.