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fam16 Christmas: Is it for Christians?

In this tract I examine the pagan roots of Christmas, and what is a reasonable Christian view towards Christmas.

fam02 Seeking a Christian mate

A tract on how to find a Christian mate

fam03 Biblical principles for a solid marriage

A tract on how to form a family according the Bible.

fam31 “Pastor, I am going to get a divorce”

This tract was made in response to people in our church that came to me with this phrase, “Pastor, I’m getting a divorce”. There was no real counseling, just and advising of their pastor of what they already decided that they were going to do. They never stopped to think if it was God’s will or not, nor did they seriously consider and follow other solutions to their marital problems, so in this tract I review reasons why a Christian should not get a divorce, even if they won’t listen to me.

fam14 Fathers that Please God

This tract examines what makes up a father that pleases God.

fam17 Submission and Head Coverings

Submission and Head Coverings By David Cox [fam17] v1 ©2008 You may freely reproduce… Read More »

dress of christian woman

fam27 Dress of a Christian Woman

This is a tract dealing with women’s dress (which principles apply equally to men’s dress). Topics are Adam, Eve, and their shame, And God visited them, Covering our nakedness, To Reveal the Body is shameful,
Spiritual Dress: Modesty, Fashion and the Christian Woman

fam12 Common law marriages

A tract on why God is against common law marriage, and He wants us to formalize our marriage relationship.

fam26 Wise advice for youth

This is a tract for helping youth to consider the wisdom and guidance of their parents.

fam19 Is remarriage permitted after divorce?

In this tract I explain why remarriage after divorce is not biblical or permitted. It is my convinction that many people go for a divorce because they fully believe that marriage is just a temporary situation, and holding in their mind the alternative of divorce and remarriage, they put half-hearted efforts into their marriage, and ruin it. One of the key motivators for people to sit down and work out their problems is that negotiation and compromise on their hard headed ideas, and change in their own life is based on the fact that they are “bound” by God into their marriage, and their is no other biblical option open to them.